The Resurrection Of The True Hebrew Israelites (Video 2010)

Hebrew Israelite groups gather and proselytize in metropolitan areas. But the people that say they are God's chosen ARE living in the land. THEY ARE THE REAL HEBREW ISRAELITES (JEWS). It has also been stated in Egypt that the Tribes tended to marry only within themselves and thus physical differences between different tribes were emphasized (Rabbi Avigdor Miller, A Nation is Born, Parshat Beshelach, Exodus 15; 27).

Tracing the Exodus motif in early African American Christianity reveals that the claims of Black Hebrews originate from a shift from symbolic to literal identification with the biblical Hebrews. My main goal in this piece was to give the reader the basics about the Hebrew Israelites.

These trade routes opened up the world, as known to those ancient peoples, and brought the people in contact with travelers and traders from far away lands. One group I came across was the Black Hebrew Israelites. Members of the Israelites have their own share of blood on their hands.

The ancestors of today's Jews are not Israelites but are Khazarians. They are much maligned by the African American Christian establishment, though they take literally the symbolic identification of the traditional black church with the plight of the enslaved Israelites in the Bible.

Early 18th century European explorers into the interior of Africa used guides from these Shemitic African people. Israelites maintain that they are practicing their ancestral way of life, not coming into a foreign religion. History affirms that the ancient Hebrews were dispersed many times because of persecution.

Both the frustration with Jim Crow laws and the establishment of independent black churches influenced the emergence of Black Judaism.8 Landing rejects the notion that Black Hebraism arose from the interaction between Jewish slave-masters and slaves because synagogues denied blacks from membership; this suggests that Jewish slave owners did not proselytize among their slaves.9 Instead, he argues that Black Judaism is a form of black social protest, as opposed to a form of Jewish expression.”10 Distinguishing between blacks who converted to Judaism and those who converted to Black Judaism, Landing points out that although there were early converts to Judaism who were black, these conversions are not responsible for the rise of Black Judaism.11 In Landing's view, blacks appropriated Hebrew identity as a means of social protest against the degradation of the black race.

It was during this era of lynching and the rise of Jim Crow that the prophet William Crowdy claimed to receive a revelation that African Americans were the descendants of the ancient Israelites.14 After receiving this revelation, Crowdy founded the Church of God and Saints of Christ church in 1896 in Kansas, with the claim that the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were the ancestors of black people.15 Crowdy traveled around the United States preaching his message and was often mistreated by locals.16 Although he taught that Jesus was black, his earliest converts were white.17 Both Cherry and Crowdy laid the foundation for this movement among blacks; both claimed to receive revelation that African Americans deuteronomy curses were Hebrew.

Enslaved "Africans" (Israelites) were first brought by Spanish colonists to Cartagena in the sixteenth century, to replace the lost labour on the plantations and mines which occurred as a result of the decimation of the indigenous population due partly to the harsh working conditions.

When the Commonwealth of the Israelites was doing good, a true Light to all the Nations in the World by civilizing them, in the so-called colonies under the Saxons (I)SaacsSons leadership, than they prospered, and they did what they SHOULD do, did Gods work, implemented steep by step Heaven on Earth.

After the re-unification, the Israelites out-grew their borders, so they were given large parcels of land in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland, South Africa, and other places around the globe. In fact, the Israelites used to get mistaken for Africans in the Biblical days all the time!

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